Resident Owned Independent Living Facility

Rose Bank Gardens is a unique not-for-profit independent 55+ senior living residence and strata consisting of 41 suites with daily dinner service, weekly housekeeping, medical alert monitoring and 24-hour onsite staff.

Rose Bank Gardens however is not licensed as a nursing or care home.

Rose Bank Gardens

Unique Strata and Independent Senior Living Experience

At Rose Bank Gardens you own your suite, and you decide how to decorate and maintain it all while receiving some of the same benefits and services offered at an independent living facility.

You, together with your co-owners, manage the strata property. Together you elect a strata council, approve the annual operating budget, set fees and decide on the day-to-day operations and activities of the facility.

Being not-for-profit, Rose Bank Gardens is one of the most affordable senior living options in the Greater Victoria area.

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Services and Community

Rose Bank Gardens stands out as truly unique, offering strata ownership with a distinct blend of independent senior living, innovative facilities, and a vibrant community that sets us apart from other senior living residences.

Daily Dinner Service

Dinner time at Rose Bank Gardens is a special occasion that combines a delicious 3-course meal prepared by our in-house chef with a warm, social atmosphere and cheerful and attentive staff.

Weekly Housekeeping

The weekly, light in-suite housekeeping service at Rose Bank Gardens ensures a clean and tidy living environment, with a dedicated team attending to linen and towel laundry, dusting, and vacuuming.

24-hour Onsite Staff

24-hour on-site staff is provided to ensure immediate assistance to emergencies to ensure residents and their families have peace of mind around the clock.

Medical Alert System

A medical alert monitoring service is available to residents ensuring that help is just a button press away. This fosters a sense of independence while ensuring safety and prompt medical attention when needed.

On-Site First Aid

All office staff members are trained in first aid, ensuring immediate response to any medical emergencies.

Friendly Community

Rose Bank Gardens boasts a very friendly and open community, where residents and guests always enjoy a welcoming atmosphere that fosters strong and supportive relationships among the residents and staff members alike.

Guest Suite

There is a guest suite available to provide visiting family members or friends with a comfortable space for enjoyable overnight stays.

Social & Activities

Informal light exercise classes for fitness, bingo for fun, movie night and live music for entertainment, a fireplace area for socializing, a small library and a TV viewing area.


Rose Bank Gardens is located near the intersection of McKenzie Avenue and Shelbourne Street, and adjacent to Cedar Hill Middle School. Grocery, drug stores, banks, Nellie McClung Library and restaurants are all within easy walking distance.

About Us

Rose Bank Gardens is a unique 55+ Seniors Strata and Independent Living Facility owned and operated by its Residents offering a variety of amenities and services.

The three-storey building has 41 units with a mixture of one, one plus den and two bedroom suites of varying sizes.

Strata Plan
VIS 4078

Rose Bank Gardens is a Strata Corporation registered in the Land Titles Office as Strata Plan VIS 4078 and is fully owned by its Members and managed by them through an elected Strata Council. The Strata has entered into a limited management agreement with Proline Property Management.

As Rose Bank Gardens is a Strata it is subject to the provisions of the Strata Property Act, regulations, and the strata corporation’s own bylaws and rules which provide the legal framework under which Rose Bank Gardens operates.

In addition, the original developer of the property registered as part of the development permission, a Covenant (agreement) with the District of Saanich setting out certain conditions to be maintained by the Strata, and prescribing a minimum level of mandatory Basic Support Services to be provided for Residents.

Rose Bank Gardens Vs Retirement Home

Six key advantages Rose Bank Gardens has over Retirement Homes

You own (not rent) your suite

Rose Bank Gardens is entirely resident owned and operated

Each suite has a full kitchen

Suites are generally more spacious than retirement home apartments

Monthly costs are much lower than most retirement homes

There is one 3-course meal a day to attend, leaving the rest of your day free

Rose Bank Gardens Vs Regular Condo

Six key advantages Rose Bank Gardens has over Regular Condos

A full 3-course chef prepared meal served in the dining hall at 5:30 daily

Shared dinning and the common room build a community feel

Weekly suite cleaning, linen and towel laundry services are also provided

A front office manager is on duty weekdays

At least one staff member is on site around the clock 24/7

An in suite Medical Alert System is provided to all residents

How Much Does it Cost?

Rose Bank Gardens is a Strata Corporation and as such the Owners are responsible to provide funds for its operations in accordance with the provisions of the BC Strata Property Act.

You will note on real estate listings that the monthly fees listed are considerably higher than those listed for other regular condominiums.

This is because Rose Bank Gardens is not a regular Strata, due to the mandatory Basic Support Services provisions as defined in the Covenant. A better comparison would be to look at the total monthly costs associated with other independent senior living residences (retirement homes) when comparing costs.

Rose Bank Gardens Monthly Fees consists of three distinct parts:

• Building operating costs
• Reserve Fund annual contribution as prescribed by the Strata Property Act
• Costs, including staff wages and benefits, of providing the Basic Support Services, mandated by the Covenant.

There are provisions for limited rebates for unused meals and housekeeping services provided in the Annual Service Fees Declaration.

For the current fiscal year (4/2023 to 3/2024), the exact fees which depend on unit size and whether single or double occupancy can be obtained by contacting your real estate agent. 

Fees are approved annually, and currently range between $1886.11 and $2872.40 per month.

Fees for building operations and Reserve Fund transfers are set by Council and approved by the Owners at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Owners. The Annual Services Fees Declaration is set by Council and the results are included in the annual budget to be approved by the Owners at the Annual General Meeting.

Have More Questions About Costs?

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Sample Floor Plans

One Bedroom

746 SQ FT

Rose Bank Gardens One-Bedroom

One Bedroom +Den

867 SQ FT

Rose Bank Gardens One-Bedroom plus Den

Two Bedroom

1038 SQ FT

Rose Bank Gardens Two-Bedroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Rose Bank Gardens is a strata and is not licensed as, is not insured for, nor are the staff trained in Assisted Living, Residential Care, Respite Care or Memory Care.

Rose Bank Gardens is a very unique strata in that it provides its residents with some amenities and services similar to what would be provided in a typical retirement home setting.

Prospective purchasers and residents should have a plan for transitioning from Rose Bank Gardens to a higher level of care, if and when needed.

A strata is a form of property ownership designed for multi-unit properties. This can include condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, and even single-family homes in certain communities. Each individual unit’s owner owns a portion of the strata corporation, known as a “strata lot”.

Strata properties are governed by the Strata Property Act and are managed by a strata corporation. This corporation is made up of all the individual owners within the strata. The owners elect a strata council to handle day-to-day operations and make decisions on behalf of all owners.

The strata corporation is responsible for managing and maintaining the common property and common assets of the strata for the benefit of all owners. This includes areas like hallways, elevators, gardens, and other amenities that are shared by all residents.

Owners within a strata contribute to the upkeep of these common areas through strata fees. These fees are typically determined based on unit entitlement, which is a figure that represents each strata lot’s proportionate share of the common property.

Strata living also involves certain bylaws and rules that all residents must adhere to. These can include restrictions on pets, noise levels, renovations, and more. These bylaws and rules are established and modified through a voting process involving all owners.

In summary, a strata is a type of property ownership where the ownership is divided between individual units and shared common property, governed by a strata corporation and subject to specific rules and regulations.

Each strata lot has monthly costs associated with:

• Assessments (also known as Strata Fees) – based on unit entitlement / square footage.
• Food Services – based on the number of occupants
• Light Cleaning Services – based on unit square footage and number of occupants.
• Hydro for your strata lot
• Taxes for your strata lot
• Homeowners insurance for your strata lot

There is absolutely no smoking permitted within individual suites or on strata property.

Rose Bank Gardens’ bylaws state that owners, tenants, occupants, and visitors shall not smoke any substance anywhere within Strata Plan VIS4078 inclusive of all strata lots, all limited common property, and all interior and exterior
common property.

For clarity and if needed, you must smoke off the property on Garnet Road.

There are a limited number of on-site parking spots available to owners and therefore parking spots are not guaranteed with with the purchase of a strata lot.

Parking spots are assigned by Council which maintains a public waiting list and these spots are assigned on a first come first serve basis as they become available. The current monthly fee is $20.

Residents who do not have a parking spot assigned to their suite must park off-site.

Limited visitor parking is available for guests, contractors, and care aides.

Coin-free laundry machines located on all three floors are available for use by the residents.

There is no personal storage except within your own suite.

Dogs must not weigh more than 7 kilograms (~15 lbs) and they must be carried at all times while inside the building on common property.

There is extremely limited accommodation that can be made for special diets.

There is no vegan option.

There is no gluten-free option.

The accommodations that are available are:

• Residents can order their main course without the meat/fish portion.
• Residents can pay for and bring their own meat substitute.
• If a resident doesn’t like a planned main course, they can pre-order a veggie burger, chicken, or fish (if
available) instead.
• Occasionally there is a veggie-type meal such as a Veggie Burger, Veggie Lasagna, or Quiche, for the main course.

The Strata is subject to a detailed set of bylaws, and rules as well as an Unanimous Consent Resolution, all of which deal with the operation of the Strata and the rights and responsibilities of the Owners.

The original developer registered a covenant with the District of Saanich. The covenant prescribed a minimum level of services for residents, called Basic Support Services.

The Covenant defines an “Elderly Citizen” as a person who is not less than 55 years of age and who, for reasons related to the aging process, requires assistance with domestic responsibilities such as housekeeping and the preparation of meals. Spouse includes a common-law spouse without regard for gender.

The Basic Support Services are:

• Not less than one full 3-course meal per day to be served in a common dining area
• Weekly light housekeeping in each suite
• Weekly laundry service for linens and towels
• For each suite, an emergency medical response system that can be activated by a transmitter or similar electronic device worn by the resident or residents
• On-site staff, 24 hours each day, certified in first aid at a level no lower than St. John Ambulance, Adult Residential Care, or equivalent

Services beyond the Basic Support Services outlined in the Covenant include:

• Good morning safety check service
• Guest suite accommodation (extra cost)
• Enter phone system
• Garbage and recycling
• Limited vehicle and scooter parking
• Guest meals (extra cost)
• Dinner tray service (extra cost)

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a mandatory yearly meeting held by a Strata Corporation. It’s an essential part of strata living, as it provides an opportunity for all Owners to come together to discuss and make decisions about important matters affecting strata finances, general operations, and community.

Annually, the Strata Council, at the Annual General Meeting, publishes a set of Service Declarations. These declarations establish fees and criteria for credits. The Fee Declarations establish rates for resident meals, guest meals, the guest suite, housekeeping, and laundry services. The Credit Declarations establish criteria for credits for missed meals and missed housekeeping.

The “Form B: Information Certificate” is an extremely important document to review thoroughly as it discloses information about a strata lot and strata corporation.

Under the Strata Property Act, a buyer is entitled to obtain an Information Certificate (known as a Form B). The Form B contains information about the strata lot including the monthly strata fees, whether the owner has entered into an agreement with the strata corporation regarding alterations, and what the owner owes to the strata corporation. The Form B also provides information about the strata corporation such as the amount in the contingency reserve fund, whether the strata corporation is involved in litigation or arbitration and information about the use of parking spaces and storage lockers. Attached to the Form B must be the strata corporation’s rules, the current budget, and the most recent depreciation report, if obtained.

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Life at Rose Bank Gardens

Rose Bank Gardens is a wonderful choice for an informed buyer who understands what Rose Bank Gardens is, and what it is not in terms of a senior living facility as well as the governance, costs, rules, and expectations associated with strata ownership.

Contact your real estate agent or email us for more information and current availability.